Private & Small Group Yoga

Yoga One-on-One

Get personalized instruction and guidance in your yoga practice with a private yoga class. One-on-one instruction with Yoga Care will help you get the most out of your yoga practice. A Yoga Care Instructor will tailor a yoga class to you specific needs in the comfort of your own home. If you don’t have room in your home, we can find a spot locally for your private yoga session

Small Groups

If you and your friends want to do yoga together in the comfort of your own home, or perhaps in a park or backyard, let us know. We would be happy to create a healthy activity for a group of friends.

Wedding Parties

Start your wedding day off right, with a yoga class! Yoga Care takes great pride in helping people find peace and taking a big step away from stress and anxiety. Your special day should be filled with peace and love and free from stress, give yourself and your favorite people a great start to a great day. If you don’t have space we can work together to find something that works.

Forward fold pose

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