Healthcare Facilities

Senior Living

Yoga is great for all age groups but seniors can especially benefit from this holistic practice. Yoga helps limit hypertension, strengthen bones, keeps excess weight off, reduces anxiety, protects the joints, builds strength and balance as well as sharpens the mind and alleviates depression. Yoga Care’s “Gentle Chair Yoga for Seniors” program is perfect for the clubhouse or community room at an independent senior living community or an assisted living center. Tailoring yoga classes for specific groups and locations is what we do best. Give us a call and help us offer your community yoga.

Hospitals & Doctor’s Offices

For Patients – Yoga is an integral part of the recovery process, whether recovering from addiction or injury or illness, yoga creates a sense of wholeness that is often lost when life’s obstacles appear. Yoga helps people be patient with their healing process and learn methods of self soothing and coping through, movements, meditation and breathing techniques. Accepting yourself exactly where you are in the current moment is one of yoga’s many gifts and an important tool to have in order to move forward. Please consider Yoga Care as a healing modality in your office or practice.

For Staff – Helping people all day long can be exhausting beyond belief. Allow your staff to refill their well. Yoga Care will help your staff remember how to love and care for themselves first, which will make caring for others much easier. We will create a soothing and relaxing yoga class for your busy staff because they deserve it.


Yoga Care offers free 15-30 minute consultations to all that are interested. We will schedule a visit, onsite or web chat, to find the best space for your class and to talk to you and or your community about what Yoga Care will offer you. We pride ourselves in making a class that meets your individual needs. You can request a brief demo class during this time to get an idea of what to expect.

What You Will Need

You don’t really need much to do yoga. A chair and enough space to spread out the arms is a perfect place to start. If you have room available where chairs and tables can be pushed to the sides, you can invite your community to bring their own yoga mat or you can purchase a few just in case someone forgets. Please let Yoga Care know if you need assistance in ordering yoga mats, we can point you in the right direction, or put in an order for you.


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