About Us

Yoga Care is a traveling yoga studio that meets you where you’re at. We are dedicated to teaching meditation and yoga to as many people as we can by sending compassionate and highly skilled yoga teachers into the community to share the gifts of yoga.

Why Choose Yoga Care?

We are Confident. Yoga Care will provide you with some of the best yoga teachers in the area that are selected based on their ability to teach yoga with compassion and their willingness to cater each class to the individuals in front of them. Our teachers are the best of the best which will make choosing one very easy.

We are Consistent. Holding scheduled yoga classes for you is our priority. If your teacher can’t make it, we will find you a sub for that week. If you or your employees are counting on yoga we will do everything we can to make sure that class happens.

We are Fair Trade. Yoga Care is good for yoga teachers! We strive to bring fair and consistent pay to skilled yoga teachers who deserve to be well compensated for their compassionate teaching skills.